Samur - Yalama Milli Parkı

Samur - Yalama Milli Parkı
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Samur-Yalama National Park was established in an area of11772,45 hectares on the territory of Khachmaz region in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijanв„– 2518 dated November 5, 2012.



The aim of establishment of the Samur-Yalama National Park is to ensure the conservation of natural complexes, the genetic fund, biodiversity, rare and unique natural areas, the historical and cultural objects, to create conditions for tourism and recreation, as well as offer of all necessary facilities for the implementation of environmental monitoring, environmental enlightenment of population and provision of development of ecotourism in the territory which has great tourism potential. 



The major part of the park is composed on the territory of Caspian coastal zone, Samur-Shabran plain (Khachmaz region) covered with forests and landscape.The basis of the following species of fauna and flora of the National Park is chestnut oak, ironwood, Eldar pine, Kura salmon, sturgeon, eel, stellate sturgeon, pikeperch, bream, roach, chub, roe, hawk, eagle, falcon, mute swan, river otter, dwarf mice, reed cat, lynx, Caucasian deer, chamois, wild boar. 



The mission of the National Park is to ensure the conservation of relict and endemic plant species such as ironwood, Eldar pine, chestnut oak, rare and endangered bird species such as mute swan,rainbow bee-eater, black kite,eastern imperial eagle,goshawk,falcon, as well as roe deer, wild boar,Caucasian deer, lynx, brown bear,raccoon, and others.



Coastal waters are rich in fish, which is a part of the national park. Sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, Caspian kutum, chub, salmon is the main part of fauna of the national park that located on the area of coastal zone. Along tourist routes starting in Yalama settlement of Khudat, Nabran, Mugtasir settlement, Yaguboba village can be carried out the monitoring in national park.