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Hot Line

Hot Line- contact line was established at the administration with the order № 2089/u of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 02, 2002 in order to provide operative communication among related offices, institutions, organizations and citizens regardless of organizational-juridical form of activities implemented in the sphere of environmental protection.  
         Furthermore it must be noted that advertisements were published at that time in national newspapers and broadcasted in order to inform the public about establishment of “Hot Line” system.
Currently the numbers (539-18-63, 538-13-35) of “hot line” are reflected in the official website of the All the received signals, requests, and suggestions are investigated and appropriate measures are taken for their settlement.        
Via the “hot line” the Ministry receives data on law breaches regarding ecological disasters, environmental protection and other problematic issues happening in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as in the part of the Caspian Sea belonging to Azerbaijan.
         The received requests are noted in special notebook by the employee on duty at the “hot line”, and after registration process, they are addressed to related structural bodies and their execution is kept under control. The request is not considered unless the person calling the “hot line” gives appropriate information about himself/herself.
         Anonymity is provided of those informing the Ministry on the facts assuming great significance regarding activities affecting the environment unless these facts are considered baseless.    
         The “hot line” operates 24 hours a day.
         Requests are received to the “hot line” via the contact numbers 539-18-63, 538-13-35.
Incessant operation of the “hot line” is provided and supervision to it is implemented by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Ministry.