Useful Sections

Main tasks of work with cadres

  • Employment at the Ministerial system;
  • Compilation of documents in accordance with the law on granting degrees to employees of civil service;
  • Preparation of attestation of employees in conformity with regulations;
  • Compilation of registry of civil and non-civil servants;
  • Official discipline and encouragement;
  • Liquidation of employees' post and provision of pension;
  • Organization of courses and seminars for qualification of cadre potential depending on levels in all spheres in order to develop ecology, geology, hydrometeorology, forestry, and especially protected nature reserves and to meet the modern needs by development of other spheres;
  • Preparation of young cadre potential within the Ministry;
  • Review of received letters, telegrams, complaints, and any other applicationsin accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and implementation of appropriate measures;
  • The division carries out other functions in accordance with the law charged by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan.