Ecological policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and achieved achievements


In the last century, the rapid development of all sectors of the economy has resulted in the adverse effects of human activity on the environment and the extreme exploitation of natural resources. The preservation of the ecological balance, the rational use of natural resources, the protection of water, soil and atmospheric air from pollution have become a universal problem.

Along with demographic growth, issues of concern, such as the sharp increase in consumption and the resumption of natural resources that could not be restored in the future, have also had an impact on the environment-related thinking and activities.

Undoubtedly, environmental problems are a concern for all, and the study of these problems is one of the most important requirements for human development.

In a global ecological crisis, the maintenance of a balance between the economy, society and the environment can be achieved only through the development of a new environmentally friendly and economically viable optimal model - sustainable development.

 Each country has a specific environmental strategy and policy line, global goals are aimed at ensuring people live in a healthy environment, protecting and developing the environment's values, and improving the quality of the environment.

Azerbaijan has gained sufficient achievements in social and economic development in recent years, and the achievement of them has been regarded as a top priority.

Large-scale work on the solution of environmental problems in Azerbaijan, state policy aimed at improving the ecological situation is an important part of the country's sustainable development strategy.

Ensuring environmental safety, minimizing environmental pollution, improving natural resources, meeting alternative energy sources and achieving energy efficiency to meet the needs of present and future generations, assessing national needs for global environmental problems, identifying solutions, expansion of ties with organizations is one of the main directions of the country's environmental policy.

The country's environmental strategy focuses on the protection of natural resources at the national, international and regional levels through the coordination of activities in the field of environmental protection, the application of science-based development principles, and the sustainability of the country's economic and human resources.

Azerbaijan adopted the National Program on Ecological Socio-Economic Development in 2003. In line with the Millennium Development Goal, an ongoing Environmental Action Plan, sustainable development principles have been incorporated into state policies and programs.

Modern energy security and environmental pollution, global climate change are one of the major problems that humanity is concerned about. Scientists and experts are working on different issues, and most important of all is the use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

All states are trying to attract new energy sources to their fuel-energy balance. Unusual energy sources such as wind, sun, biomass, wave,  hydrological energy of small rivers take special place in this race. Potential capabilities of this type of alternative energy sources are endless and their ecological efficiency does not cause any doubt.

The introduction of clean technologies is important  for solving existing environmental problems in the country in the development of all sectors of the economy. Measures on the use of environmentally-friendly alternative sources of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency in industrial, transport, construction and other sectors are used to attract investments to the "green economy".

Azerbaijan considers global climate change as one of the most difficult challenges of  humanity and supports joint efforts to prevent this problem.

No country has been insured regardless of the impact of climate change on the development stage, and extreme natural disasters proves it.

According to the provisions of the Concept of Sustainable Development, the economic development with the ecological balance, the priorities for environmental protection, the efficient and sustainable use of alternative energy sources will play an important role in preventing damage to our planet.