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ENI SEIS II East is the EU-funded European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) II EAST project together with the six Eastern Partnership countries.

This 4-year project supports the promotion of environmental protection by strengthening environmental governance.

National Capacity Self Assessment for Global Environment Management in Azerbaijan

Document on Environmental Impact Assessment for the period of Construction and Treatment of incineration Plant for treatment of municipal solid waste

 Training Program between the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada on Caspian Basin Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction for 2002–2005 years

 Works done in the field of implementation of regional project on “Establishment of potential for improving GHG inventory”

• Project on “Technical Support for Implementation of Obligations on Global Climate Change in South Caucasus and Moldova”

• Project on “Assessment of national demands for improving opportunities with regard to solve global environmental concerns”

 Project on “National Biosafety” financed by UN Environment Program

 Project on including he Hirkan forests into UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural heritage List

 Project on Joint river management

 Project on water management in the South Caucasus

 Project on river monitoring in South Caucasus

 Development and application of measures on warning and alarm system of catastrophe situation for the Kura river basin

 Project on Development of the transboundary cooperation for hazard prevention in the Kura- river basin

 Project (TACIS) on “Support for implementation of a national Action Plan on environment protection and an environmental policy in the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Jointly with UNEP (within the framework of Caspian Environmental Program).

 Project on "Development of print materials on access to public awareness and knowledge on Aarhus Convention and national legislation of Azerbaijan”

 Project on “Improvement of methodical aspects on environmental impact assessment in the transboundary context in the Caspian region”

 Component A: Project on “construction of "Sturgeon" fish-rearing station in Khilli

 PComponent B: Project on “Construction of Landfill for cleaning up the area from mercury pollution and disposal of hazardous wastes”

 Component C: Cleaning up an oil pollution of the area

 Component: Project on improvement of environmental monitoring system

 Project on “Public consultations and dialogues”

 Project on “Training of new function and aspects”

 Technical assistance on establishment of waste management system

 Project on “Environment in rural communities”

 Project on Assistance to National Plan of Azerbaijan on Accident Oil diffusion

 Project on "Opening of the Kura river mouth"

 Second National Communications of Azerbaijan to UN FCCC

 Project on implementation of measures on Persistent Organic Pollutants of the Republic of Azerbaijan

 Pilot project of European Council on “Emerald Network”

 Project on “Establishment of Samur-Yalama National Park

 Project on “Capacity building for sustainable land management”

 Project on “Multi- disciplinary Analysis of the Caspian Sea Ecosystem"” to be implemented with support of NATO

 Environmental assessment and management plan

 Social Development Fund of IDP’s (SFDI)

 Project on development of agriculture and credit

 II Project on development of agriculture and credit

• Project on modernizing justice system

 Summary of Environmental Management Plan for Bird Flu (h1n1 virus) project in Azerbaijan

 Environmental Management Plan for Bird Flu (h1n1 virus) project in Azerbaijan (14 July 2006)